Full Name:
  • Vivien (mortal)
  • Brigid the Exalted One (Celtic Triple Goddess)
  • Nimue (Morgen)
  • (As Vivien) British
  • (As Brigid) Tuatha Dé Danann
Date of Birth:
  • (As Vivien & Nimue) Sometime in the 5th Century
  • (As Brigid) Unknown
Place of Birth:
  • (As Vivien) Britain
  • (As Brigid) Unknown
  • (As Vivien) Merlin’s lover and apprentice (former)
  • (As Brigid) Goddess of healers, poets, smiths, childbirth, inspiration, fire, and hearth, and patron of warfare (current)
  • (As Nimue) Excalibur’s Keeper (current)
Known Relatives:
  • (As Vivien) Dyonas (father, deceased)
  • The Niece of the Duke of Burgoyne (deceased)
  • (As Brigid) The Dagda (granduncle)

Nimue is the enigmatic Lady of the Lake. As keeper of the codes of chivalry, she challenges Ethan McBride to prove himself worthy of his legacy. Water in all its watercourses and forms of precipitation is an extension of Nimue that exists simultaneously in the past, present, and future, bearing silent witness to the events that shape the course of history.

Nimue lives in a castle on the shores of L'étang de Comper in Brocéliande forest with 12 nameless and genderless water sprites that use pantomime and dance to relate the events she has witnessed to allow their audience to see their actions from the outside and learn what aspects of themselves they must alter in order to progress spiritually.