Burial Chamber
Arthur's Chamber

Arthur's Chamber


16 feet beneath The Minster of The Three Sisters

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Arthur's Marble Coffin


Arthur Pendragon


The chamber is the final resting place of Arthur Pendragon


Arthur’s chamber is a crypt buried 16 feet below the earth in an oak-hollow between two stone pyramids beneath the Minster of the Three Sisters, a massive structure on Avalon, the isle of apples. Arthur lies in a marble coffin with a lead cross fastened to it that has the words Here lies entombed King Arthur on the Isle of Avalon with Guinevere, his second wife emblazoned on it. The chamber lies directly beneath giant statues of Arthur’s half-sisters, Morgana Le Fey, Morgause, and Elaine, that tower over the Minster like three silent guardians.

Inside the Minster is an ostensibly ordinary wooden door with the Latin phrase Hic iacet Arthurus, Rex Quondam Rexque Futurus written on it that requires Caliburn or Excalibur to open its lock that hides a staircase that leads to Arthur’s chamber.