Aileen grey
Aileen Grey
Full Name:

Aileen Grey



Date of Birth:

October 13th, 1940

Place of Birth:

Isle of Lewis in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland.




5 feet, 10 inches.


110 lbs.

Eye Color:


Hair Color:
  • Silver (current)
  • Blonde (former)


  • William Grey (father - deceased)
  • Aisling Grey – née Smithers (mother - deceased)
Marital Status:



Founder and chairwoman of Carmarthen International

Group Affiliation:

Carmarthen International.


History of Christianity across Scotland.

Known Relatives:
First Appearance:

Knights Legacy: Awakening Of The Pen Ddraig

Aileen Grey is the founder and chairwoman of Carmarthen International.

Early Life

Born on the Isle of Lewis in 1940, Aileen was the first woman elected leader of the community of the Isle of Iona, an island in the inner-hebrides of Scotland that once served as the main seat of learning of the Celtic Druid Magi in Scotland, the main capital seat of the Druids. Her focus following her election was the restoration of Iona Abbey, the cradle of Christianity in Scotland, an effort met with exuberance by Iona's devout Christian residents.

Aileen is an ordained minister who served as Iona’s spiritual leader, a role that put her in charge of the community’s spiritual welfare. As a historian, she has authored many books that detail the history of Iona, starting with its use as Pagan Druid holy land, and closing with its transformation into Saint Columba’s Evangelism Ministry.

As her health has deteriorated in recent years, she has faded from the public eye and entrusted the operations of her corporation to her son, Laurence Grey.

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